Triple Bottom-line

The "Triple bottom-line" is the point where Corporate and Societal interest intersect. At Chrisom Agencies, we have thought beyond the good old-fashioned financial bottom-line reporting. We have added two additional "bottom lines", namely the "Social and "Environmental bottom-line".

Two of the best third year students at the School of Arts and Design, University of Nairobi (UON) join our "boot camp" every year. The intention of our boot camp is to bridge the gap between class work and the experience of the advertising industry.

This program has been on for the past eight years. It is our intention to enrich the program to equip more and more young people with the requisite creative skills and experience. In addition, every year we present two trophies and cash prizes to the overall best graduate female and male graduate at the School of Arts (UON).

On the environment, we choose not to work with clients who have products and services that hurt people or do harm to our world.

Instead you will find that our clients are good people using their talents to build great companies known for their integrity, as well as their business prowess.

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